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Portraits by John Black

This website presents many of my completed drawings, categorised into years. It also shares the activity of drawing via slide-shows and iMovies.

Watching someone draw an image has always held a fascination for me and I hope visitors to this site gain that same enjoyment. I encourage you to read the short comments as these will give more meaning to the drawings.

The Private section of the site includes images for which I am awaiting permission to place on the main site.


What a delight it has been to work with Georgia Tang (Trek Web Design), the designer of this site. Georgia’s expertise and her communication skills allowed the site to be constructed quickly and efficiently. I thank her for making the project an enjoyable and rewarding venture.

I also thank Art Gallery NSW, especially Deborah Jones of the Study Room for her generous support and encouragement.

Thanks are also due to and Princeton University Art Museum ( for making images available.

Thank you to all those who kindly agreed to drawings (good and bad) and photos appearing on the site.

Finally, thank you to Danielle who always found something positive to say when I first picked up a pencil some years ago.